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Pleated Filter Elements

In original equipment or as a retrofit, when compared to conventional filter bags, MikroPleat™ pleated filters are proven to provide increased air flow, eliminate inlet abrasion, reduce pressure drop, reduce emissions, and increased performance life. All adding up to reduced operating expenses to save you money. Original designs for a MikroPleat™ baghouse take advantage of Nederman MikroPul's long design history of pulse-jet cleaning technology.

When converting an existing baghouse, the obvious difference with pleated element conversion is increasing the fabric or surface area; however, Nederman MikroPul treats each baghouse conversion individually. The system and filter elements are designed to meet the needs of the specific application. Our in-house laboratory allows us to understand baghouse operation in a way that assures maximized performance and operation.

MikroPleat™ V Series and E Series - (V For processes up to 175°F) (E for processes up to 275°F) When using pleated elements in place of conventional filter bags, air flow and air velocity can increase dramatically to the dust collector. An increase in air flow to the collector can also increase dust loading to the filters, making cleaning efficiency and performance essential to optimum performance. Venturis have long been recognized as necessary for top performance. The MikroPleat™ V series element incorporates a full diameter venturi that is pressed into the elements flexible head and bonded in place. This provides two important benefits:

  • Optimized Pulsing - The shape of the venturi helps capture and direct pulses into the filter element. Vibration and erosion can cause changes to the shape or direction of the pulse from the blow pipe orifice or nozzles. If not properly directed, the pulse air can further abrade the filter element and prevent the pulse from properly cleaning the elements. In addition, the shape of the venturi increases the volume of induced air providing a stronger and more effective pulsing action.
  • Less Pressure Drop – During normal filter operation, the venturi shape also smoothes the exit air flow, which reduces pressure drop as the clean air exits the filter element

MikroPleat™ M Series - (for processes up to 375°F) Pleated filter elements can now be used in high temperature baghouses which previously used only fabric filter bags. Specially designed for operation in higher temperature ranges, MikroPleat™ M Series elements can also provide added airflows, improved efficiencies and lower operating pressure drop. The M series design utilizes self supported Aramid or PPS media and is made as one integral unit eliminating the separate wire cage and reducing removal and installation labor expense. Manufacturing with high temperature potting compounds and adhesive allows the M Series filter element to perform in harsh conditions where conventional filter bags may not. For higher emissions control or improved dust release, a PTFE membrane is also available.

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