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MikroPulse™ 100P & MikroPulse™ 100T

MikroPulse™ 100P Clean-On-Demand Controller

PLC-based controller triggers cleaning pulses when the differential pressure across the bag reaches the setpoint selected by the user.

  • In most cases, uses considerably less compressed air than timed pulses
  • Lengthens filter bag life due to fewer pulses
  • Setpoints are set with push buttons instead of potentiometers
  • Utilizes a 0-10" ΔP transmitter for precise cleaning
  • Standard NEMA 4 enclosure; hazardous service enclosure available


MikroPulse™ 100T Pulse Timing Controller

Simple digital continuous cleaning pulse timer with two setpoints:

  • On-time between 50 and 150 milliseconds
  • Off-time between 3 and 60 seconds

Units can be provided with terminals for wiring one to five solenoids/output.


To learn more, contact our Emissions Specialist, Tommy Brashears, at 1-800-892-7278 or email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

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