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Filter Bags and Cages

Filter Bags

Nederman MikroPul offers the widest selection of filter bags available anywhere. We manufacture and supply filter bags, also sometimes called filter socks or filter sleeves, for Pulse Jet, Reverse Air, and Shaker style baghouse systems. Our filters are produced in our ISO 9002 facility so attention to detail and high quality standards assure Nederman MikroPul filter bags will perform in your dust collection application. Our media selection allows us to offer solutions for practically any application and for any OEM style baghouse.

  • Gas temperatures up to 850°F (455° C):  ceramic fibers
  • Corrosive gas stream – acidic or alkaline:  fiberglass, PPS, Teflon, acrylic
  • Challenging particulates – fine, sticky, toxic, abrasive, combustible etc.:  polyester, acrylic, Aramid
  • Nuisance collection or product recovery:  polyester needle felt, polypropylene needle felt

Whether you have an ambient temperature or an acidic gas stream with high temperatures, our close relationship with filtration fabric producers means that we can even work with you to design a fabric specific to your demanding application.


Bag cages are designed and manufactured by Nederman MikroPul in our own plant to ensure the critical and proper fit between the bag and cage for proper sealing and long bag life. The customer receives a single source responsible party able to guarantee emissions performance and bag life. Cages can be made in a wide variety of diameters in both top and bottom load designs. Our cages feature custom metal specifications such as carbon steel, 304 and 316 stainless materials, or coated with Teflon, special paints or varying levels of galvanization. Top load style cages can include an integral venturi, or where toxic materials or operating pressures are of a concern, can be designed with the patented Nederman MikroPul Cam Lock venturi for precise leak free tubesheet connections.


Pop-Top 2.0 Bag & Cage Assembly for Easy Installation: Just Step On It!

Pop-Top™ 2.0 is an innovative two-piece filter bag and cage system that installs in seconds, cutting in half snap-in bag changeout time. Pop-Top 2.0 incorporates an elastomeric collar which makes it more forgiving for holes with tolerance variations or unfinished edges. It is especially suitable for applications such as cement, in which the bags and cages tend to stick together. The unique design eliminates the need for tools or clamps for installation, forming a solid seal every time.

To install, the maintenance employee inserts the bag, inserts the cage, and then steps on the assembly (as demonstrated in top, left photo). With use of a small hand tool, removal is just as easy. Costs are competitive with conventional bags and cages. Pop-Top is for new or existing baghouses.

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Pop-Top 2.0 Bag & Cage Assembly