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Wet Scrubbers

Nederman MikroPul has been a pioneer worldwide in providing wet scrubbers to solve air pollution control problems for almost 50 years. We offer designs to meet almost any requirement — in several configurations and a full range of sizes. Numerous materials of construction include carbon steel, plastics/FRP, and exotic alloy steels. Nederman MikroPul has the demonstrated capability to engineer a wet scrubber system that efficiently meets your needs.

Two Stage Systems

The Nederman MikroPul two-stage design is for applications that demand higher scrubbing efficiency of sub-micron dust particles at the lowest possible pressure drop. It utilizes the Multi-Venturi rod deck technology as a pre-cleaner to the Dynamic Scrubber or as a retrofit to enhance the performance of an existing Dynamic Scrubber or Mikro-Vane Scrubber. The Multi-Venturi Inlet / Dynamic Scrubber combination can match the performance but consumes only half of the energy of a traditional venturi scrubber. For existing scrubbers that have been pushed beyond original design specifications or need improved efficiency to meet stricter emission codes, a Nederman MikroPul Multi-Venturi Inlet retrofit may be the answer.

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Nederman MikroPul Wet Scrubbers

We offer five principal designs customizable to meet your requirements:

  • Mikro-Vane Scrubber

    This basic wet scrubber has the capability of tolerating high inlet dust loadings without sacrificing its collection efficiency, which is 99+% at around the 5 micron size range.

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  • Dynamic Scrubber with integral wetted fan

    This scrubber can be used in all industrial applications where dust, aerosol, and gas are present, especially in the metals and chemical industries. It can also be used for dust control in spray drying and incineration plants and odor control.

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  • Multi-Venturi Scrubber

    This scrubber makes use of a venturi-rod deck consisting of a series of rods arranged to create a venturi effect between each rod. It offers higher efficiencies at lower pressure drops and liquid to gas ratios than conventional venturi scrubbers.

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  • High Efficiency Venturi Scrubber

    Designed to suit any process gas requiring particulate removal, the Nederman MikroPul Venturi scrubber’s classic single venturi design offers maximum scrubber efficiency through the simple four-stage unit.

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  • Nederman MikroPul Absorption Tower

    Nederman MikroPul Packed Tower systems can be applied as gas absorbers, coolers, air humidifiers, or condensers. They are widely applied in the field of purification of industrial gases. Systems are custom engineered for the application.

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