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Spare Parts & Accessories

Operating performance can be affected by a wide variety of conditions including the wear and tear of replacement components. Nederman MikroPul, one of the nation’s most respected dust collection system suppliers, offers a full line of quality aftermarket products for all brands of dust collectors, fabric filter baghouses, and cartridge collectors.

  • Filter Bags and Cages

    Top quality, OEM designed, top and bottom load needle felt filter bags in polyester, polypropylene, aramid, Teflon, P84 and PPS with or without PTFE membrane for pulse jet, shaker, and reverse air dust collectors. Bag cages in all materials and wire sizes for top and bottom load pulse jet collectors. Single source for bags and cages ensures the critical and proper fit between the bag and cage for proper sealing and long bag life.

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  • Pleated Filter Elements

    Replace top and bottom load filter bags with high performing MikroPleat™ style pleated filter elements. Made from variety of high quality filter media, including: from 100% polyester spun bond, self-supported Aramid, polypropylene, MikroTex® PTFE membrane.

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  • Filter Cartridges

    Dust collector filter cartridge replacements for Torit Donaldson®, Farr, American Air Filter, Wheelabrator, UAS and many other manufacturers. Complete line of standard and high efficiency filter cartridges for dust and fume collection.

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  • Parts and Valves

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  • Additive dosing

    The addition of the adsorbent takes place on the pneumatic way. The hydrated lime is taken out of a silo through a slide gate, a rotary valve and a screw conveyor. In an intermediate vessel the adsorbent will be weighted and blown into the ductwork. The dosing quantity can be adjusted by a frequency drive so that the necessary amount of adsorbent can be adapted.

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