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Nederman MikroPul has extensive experience as an air pollution control supplier and has a proven understanding of a wide range of metals industry processes and operations. Having the ability to apply air pollution control techniques to the many air pollution sources in this industry requires a great amount of experience and know-how. Nederman MikroPul has been serving the ferrous and nonferrous metals industries for over 50 years. The engineers at Nederman MikroPul have a unique ability to solve problems by applying a diverse range of products, as part of creative "systems" needed to address the many air pollution challenges. Nederman MikroPul has the ability to solve your air pollution / dust collection problems, whether small or large, old or new.

Nederman MikroPul has the ability to assist with your air pollution needs for the following types of applications:

  • Blast furnace / Cast house
  • Q-BOP
  • BOF
  • Material handling
  • Ladle metallurgy
  • Coke pushing
  • Scarfing
  • Electric arc furnace (EAF)
  • Open hearth furnace
  • AOD Vessel
  • DRI
  • Hazardous dust recycling

Vist our Video Channel to view installation examples of Nederman MikroPul's Large Systems commonly used for metals industry air pollution control.

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